About The West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier are known for their outstanding white coats, compact bodies and curious personalities. These sturdy little pups make fantastic, loyal companions. Westies originated in the rocky regions of Scotland where they were bred to hunt badgers, foxes and other vermin. The persistence to hunt such prey is still evident in the breed today.

Westies are energetic, fun loving, little dogs that get along well with children and other dogs. Our Westies look forward to our grandchildren’s visits as they know there are fun filled times ahead, playing ball or just hanging out with the kids.

Our males and females are carefully chosen so their offspring will inherit good temperament. Grooming is quite simple! They are non-shedding and non-allergenic.

Wallace, from Pennsylvania showcasing his agility


Puppy Love

Another happy Ardendale Kennel customer.

We have litters occasionally throughout the year. Contact us to see when the next Westies are available.